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PIONEERS OF THE Scotland "Classic Coast to Coast" est. 1985


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Filming of Wildcat Coast to Coast Route

...Pioneered by Wildcat Adventures in 1985 - featured on the BBC Holiday Programme in 1998!

The Finish!

Single Tracks

A magnificent view to our finish on the North Sea coast


Great wide open descents

Cross Country (XC) Riding in its natural form!

"Scotland Coast to Coast MTB Tour"


SCOTLAND "Classic Coast to Coast" - At a Glance

Trip Style:



8 Days / 7 Nights / 7 Ride Days

Distance Covered:

381 kms / 237 miles (approximately)

Total Ascent:

6394 metres / 20,978 feet


Multi Location - Point to Point

Riding Difficulty:



Most of the off road riding is a combination of double and single track (some technical), some long climbs over high passes (with easier options) followed by some of the longest exciting descents in Scotland.

Tour Ref:


Scotland - Mountain Bike (MTB) "Classic Coast to Coast"


Mountain Biking (MTB) - Scotland Coast to Coast.

Mountain Bikes & Electric Mountain Bikes (e-bike)

The ultimate Cross Country Mountain Bike (MTB) ride in the UK traversing the Scottish Highlands from Coast to Coast.

230+ miles of superb riding over high mountain passes and wild glens following some of the ancient trails used by the Highland clans through the centuries.

Voted one of the top cross country mountain bike rides in 1998 by a team from The New York Times.

This is the ORIGINAL Scotland Coast to Coast route pioneered by Wildcat Adventures in 1985 with awesome ascents & descents.


Wildcat Adventures pioneered the Scotland Coast to Coast MTB route in 1985 and it is still the classic cross country mountain bike route the discerning mountain bike rider aims to experience in their lifetime.

Our Coast to Coast MTB route is still our top mountain bike tour over the last 35+ years. It features a week of incredible riding from the rugged mountains of Lochaber on the West Coast to the magnificent cliffs on the East coast near Stonehaven.

Our unique route West to East takes advantage of the prevailing winds and links perfectly the best single track riding in the Scottish Highlands. We ride Scotland's highest mountain passes and enjoy long flowing single track riding through the glens and ancient Caledonian forests.

As with all our tours, it is run & supported by Wildcat Adventures and led by John & Brigitte.

Why choose The Scotland Coast to Coast MTB Route Pioneered by Wildcat Adventures?

There are several Scotland Coast to Coast MTB itineraries out there - most have tried to imitate our route - "Imitation is the sincerest form of Flattery". What can we say other than we are the first to offer a Mountain bike ride across Scotland and we are still the best!
Please keep the following facts in mind when planning your Coast to Coast Mountain Bike holiday:
  • Wildcat Adventures was the first tour operator to offer Mountain Bike Tours in Scotland! It does not get any more pioneering than this!
  • John Fulton, Director and Guide, pioneered The Scotland Coast to Coast MTB route back in 1985 and it was featured on the BBC & STV holiday programmes in 1989
  • Our Coast to Coast MTB route is the original - ridden West to East to take in some of the great climbs and amazing descents (most of which are best ridden in this direction) - it takes advantage of the prevailing westerly winds – we ride from the Atlantic Coast to the North Sea Coast. It is truly a coast to coast ride across the breadth of mainland Scotland!
  • Our original route is longer than any other Coast to Coast route in Scotland - our route follows some of the ancient highland trade routes, over remote mountain passes, and in some remote areas on tracks originally built by John Fulton when he first pioneered the route! 
  • Our extensive knowledge and experience of Scotland's Highland tracks enables us to follow the natural lines of the glens and mountain passes eliminating the necessity to take boat trips. 
  • All our accommodation is in Highland Hotels and Guest Houses. 
  • John & Brigitte are your guides - they are both qualified and highly experienced Mountain Bike Leaders - between them they have over 50 years of experience leading groups in remote mountainous areas. John is a retired Mountain Bike Tutor and contributed to the syllabus for the Mountain Bike Leaders Award (MBLA) used today by the British Cycling Union (BCF) & Scottish Cycling. Brigitte was the first female to qualify as a Mountain Bike Leader under the then Scottish Mountain Bike Leaders Award (SMBLA) scheme. 
  • John & Brigitte have unparalleled knowledge of the trails throughout Scotland. They have ridden all the alternatives and continue to scout out new routes to give you the best riding, and great scenery. John & Brigitte are professionals and are happy to impart their knowledge of Scotland and help you develop your mountain & riding skills.
  • Our experience as Mountain Bike Leaders is not limited to the Highlands of Scotland - John & Brigitte have pioneered and led many mountain bike tours and continue to lead tours in the remote mountains of Morocco and Mongolia. They are very experienced cyclists & mountaineers and are trained and experienced in dealing with any situation which may arise - personal attention, attention to detail, and safety enables us to provide you with an unforgettable mountain bike experience.


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Why Wildcat Adventures?

Providing Adventure Tours is a full time occupation for John & Brigitte and this is evident in the extensive EXPERIENCE they have in ORGANISING and LEADING Adventure Tours.


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